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"Having a resource that helps anchor my practice in the fundamental thought processes in which I was trained is invaluable to me. TAP is the ultimate of 'we are in this together synergy thinking' that helps me elevate patient care."

— Holly Lucille


"I loved my experiences with TAP Integrative thus far! Imagine preparing for and engaging in the topics you are most passionate about with the people you most highly respect. When you add that to the level of professionalism and end user-oriented attitude that TAP Integrative provides, I can easily say it is been the best experience I've had as an educator."

— Corey Schuler


"It's daunting how many complicated cases we see of individuals truly suffering...and not even from life threatening illnesses...but chronic insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic anxiety, and so much more. These are everyday problems where we can use the insights and experience and expertise of colleagues. TAP provides a new and innovative forum for that. "

— Tori Hudson


"TAP Integrative provides clinicians with such valuable information. I love that the content provides a deep dive on really important clinical topics, and that it’s so easily accessible!"

— Jaclyn Chasse


"It takes a committed and dedicated effort to bring together clinicians and thinkers who are progressing the paradigm of medicine. It is, however, in this dialogue and in conversation about the complex pathologies that dominate today's healthcare that we begin to really connect dots. TAP Integrative represents an opportunity to listen in on this conversation, to witness the empowerment that comes to provider and patient when we look at the whole, interconnected picture. I can't recommend this resource enough!"

— Kelly Brogan


"The best healthcare professionals rise above the rest as lifelong learners. Our responsibility to patients is deep and enduring, and it requires that we stay on the top of our game. TAP Integrative is a perfect forum for practitioners to learn from each other, to get each other excited about what works for patients, and to create collectively new horizons for patient care. TAP Integrative is a tool and a community that will help us to help people reclaim their lives."

— Sara Gottfried


"Collaboration across healthcare professions is integral to optimal patient care. TAP offers a unique and powerful online community of professionals who can learn from one another with one goal in mind: to improve the health of our patients. I am glad to be a part of such a vital, intelligent, and helpful community and I can’t wait to learn from my colleagues."

— Corinne Bush


"My experience with TAP has been nothing short of exceptional. Dr. Lise Alschuler, and the entire TAP team, have brought together an impressive collection of clinical experts on real-issues that all integrative physicians face on a daily basis. I have been able to share some of the information I have to offer, as well as my clinical experiences, related to a topic that I have great passion for, while at the same time learning about many others from my most respected colleagues. All of this has occurred through a most convenient and time-efficient format. I could not be more thrilled about the formation of effective and relevant technology-driven knowledge transfer sites, and TAP is leading the way!"

— David Brady


"TAP Integrative is AWESOME! Every healthcare practitioner should be a member of TAP to stay at the cutting-edge of their practice."

— Gaetano Morello


"What I love about TAP Integrative is the Q&A section. As busy practitioners sometimes we just don't have the luxury of watching a video from beginning to end. With the Q&A tab you can get to the meat of a presentation in just seconds and find the information you are most interested in learning about."

— Andrea Purcell


"TAP is the most complete and comprehensive online source for deep and thorough content. A must for every desktop."

— Michael E. Greer


"TAP Integrative has been a source of comfort and connectedness for me to a community of like-minded professionals who practice every day, walking the walk not merely talking the talk. I love the case discussions. It feels like "coming home" to discuss cases with friends/colleagues. The access to articles is a wonderful benefit. TAP Integrative is a wonderful asset to our community! "

— Nancy Gahles


"Marrying a visually appealing online experience with stellar clinical content, TAP Integrative is the platform the integrative medical community has been waiting for."

— Joshua Goldenberg


"I have to say that TAP is outstanding! Hands down, it's the best online CE format and information resource I have ever seen. I especially like the varied formats!"

— Katherine Raymer


"TAP Integrative is a remarkable resource for clinicians who are in active practice and are looking for real mentoring from seasoned clinicians and educators with years of experience and expertise. The polished quality of the interviews and the supportive written materials and references allow clinicians to take a deep dive and learn from their peers effectively and efficiently. Along with individual expert interviews there are also discussions of complex and challenging cases so that you can see how experienced clinicians think about complex patients and prioritize a care plan. TAP is filled with clinical pearls and pragmatic actionable information supported by current peer reviewed references. Additionally, by becoming a member of TAP you have unlimited access to journal articles as well. This is not only a resource but a community with a high level of engagement, a commitment to excellence and generosity of spirit. "

— Nalini Chilkov
 L.Ac. OMD


" TAP is a great resource that is extremely useful for any integrative medicine health care provider. It is packed full of current, evidence based information on a wide variety of conditions that are commonly seen in primary care settings. The information is organized to be user friendly and easy to access and incorporate into your practice immediately. An added bonus is the ability to interact with others to ask questions from the experts and your peers on many topics through the Forum feature. Additionally, you can obtain Continuing Medical Education hours by reviewing the materials and taking a quiz after completion. TAP is truly an excellent value; if you haven’t checked it out yet you are missing out on a terrific resource!"

— Jane Guiltinan


"In a world where inaccurate health information is rampant on Google, it’s wonderful having one solid place where medical practitioners can be sure that experts in medical fields are offering their scientifically based clinical and experiential brilliance. TAP Integrative is a key venue where medical practitioners can easily click on a link in an email in their inbox to learn valuable pearls on how to identify, diagnose and treat innumerable conditions and diseases. It is a wonderful resource for all who wish to responsibly expand their knowledge. "

— Mona Morstein


"TAP Integrative brings integrative health/medicine information in a unique comprehensive format to mentor clinicians. Clinicians who specialize in specific areas are interviewed and a scientific paper is produced to dive into the topic. Research abstracts and case reports support this. Subsequently the clinician is interviewed by Lise Alschuler in a dialog. Clinicians from different backgrounds explore a case study in depth. And finally, two more goodies: free access to full-text journals and a forum to ask questions. It’s a wow! "

— Liz Lipski


"TAP is a wealth knowledge and resources at your fingertips. The great thing is that you can tap in any time and any place with access to amazing content with very minimal investment. I would highly recommend this program for anyone that wants to take their health or the health of their patients to a higher level!"

— Monika Buerger


"TAP Integrative is the easiest and simplest way to start implementing the aspects of integrative and functional medicine into any practice. I have gone through several programs that tend to be theory based leaving me grasping for information to use in the clinical setting. TAP Integrative gives me information that I can start using with patients immediately. I am able to listen to many different approaches to common patient complaints from specialists in their respective fields. My training started with TAP Integrative several years ago and it continues to be the foundation of my training,"

— Todd Roach


"TAP Integrative is an amazing resource for practitioners who are wanting to learn about the latest scientific treatment strategies from leading medical experts. I have been extremely impressed by the high level of detail and investigation that goes into each clinical protocol. The TAP team has created an incredible resource for practitioners to get both continuing education credits and the experience of learning through case discussions, without having to get on an airplane or take time out of the office. "

— Doni Wilson


"If you are looking for tangible ways to improve clinical outcomes in your practice, check out TAP integrative as an excellent online evidence-based medicine resource. TAP integrative provides a wealth of information in an accessible format which makes it easy to stay on top of the latest trends in evidence-base medicine and earn continuing education credits. I greatly appreciate the integrative nature as experts highlight the best of both conventional and natural treatments."

— Marisa Pellegrini


"I have been in practice for 23 years and have witnessed a revolution in healthcare. Once upon a time alternative healthcare providers were marginalized, discriminated against and excluded from the healthcare conversation. As we entered the Information Age in the 1990s, the public was able to hear from alternative practitioners directly which allowed patients and the public to make informed decisions about their healthcare choices. Patients increasingly chose non-conventional approaches. Nowadays, most of us will agree there is a time and place for both prospectives. TAP Integrative offers a blend of information which gives equal exposure to both alternative and orthodox medical approaches, which serves all us without bias. I love what TAP offers and I appreciate TAP's willingness to serve its membership without ulterior motives."

— Marc Lamantia
 B.S., M.S., D.C., DACNB


"I joined TAP for the collection of expertise, access to journals and research and the collective wisdom of the expert clinicians they have assembled."

— Gregory W. Eckel
 N.D., L.Ac.