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Explore our collection of integrative clinical practice tools. From industry events to residency opportunities, these resources are designed for your practice and patient growth. These tools are expert tested and approved!


Drug-Nutrient Interaction Database

Drugs can affect nutritional status by altering the ability to absorb nutrients or nutrient metabolism, utilization, or excretion. This database, available through Integrative Therapeutics, identifies potential drug and nutrient interactions that could affect your recommendations.

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Patient Tools

Browse and print patient education materials that cover all protocols featured on TAP Integrative, including diabesity, intestinal permeability, generalized anxiety disorder, and more. Each patient tool is practitioner developed and includes contributing factors and physician-guided treatment approaches.

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TAP Illustrations

TAP members receive special discounted pricing on prints of TAP illustrations. With these high-quality prints in multiple sizes you can have these teaching tools on your office wall or patient area to quickly express complex protocols in an easy-to-understand visual manner. Or, you can have this information right at your fingertips and send your patients home with a foldable pamphlet that they can review whenever they need.

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Taste of TAP Mini Courses

Taste of TAP is a series of informal mini-courses on various topics in integrative medicine. Each Taste of TAP mini-course consists of five concise learnings which link together to deepen your understanding of a discrete clinical topic. Each mini-course is available to TAP members as a downloadable PDF.


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