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Daemon Jones


Dr. Daemon Jones, “Dr. Dae,” is a licensed naturopathic doctor, author, speaker and writer on lifestyle medicine and the prevention of chronic diseases. She also is an authority on diet and nutrition. She focuses on educating and empowering her patients and audiences on how to reverse and prevent chronic diseases.
She is also the author of 2 books Daelicious! Recipes for Vibrant Living (HealthyDaes 2007) and Eat More Plants: Where science, flavor and health meet deliciousness (GR Publishing 2014).
Dr. Dae specializes in the reversal and prevention of diabetes, hormonal imbalances, metabolism issues, and weight loss challenges.  In her private practice in Washington, DC, she uses conventional methods to diagnosis and to monitor her patients, along with effective and successful treatment protocols that include diet, nutrition, exercise, and stress management tools to improve the health of patients.
Dr. Daemon Jones graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Economics in 1992. Dr. Dae graduated from University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2002.
Dr. Dae writes about how to use lifestyle medicine to improve people’s overall health and wellness.  She is a staff writer for EmpowHer.com and has been featured on YahooHealth.com and FoxNewHealth.com.
As a speaker, Dr. Dae combines humor and non technical language to explain how our bodies work and the connection between our health and disease.  She then shares practical tips about how people can improve their habits to transform themselves into being healthier and more energetic.

  • Independent contractor providing educational services
  • Healthydaes Naturopathic Medical Center - Private practice