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Corey Schuler


Corey Schuler, MS, DC, LN, CNS, owns and operates the Metabolic Treatment Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, which emphasizes functional medicine approaches to mood and hormonal conditions. Chronic psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression and anxiety, often respond quite well to nutritional and lifestyle programs in conjunction with conventional psychiatric and psychological care. However, no 2 people seem to have exactly the same set of circumstances contributing or triggering these conditions. Addressing biochemical individuality, thorough nutritional assessment, and behavior change are the central pillars of the facility's work. Complex hormonally-based conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and recalcitrant weight loss are managed similarly.

In addition to his role as a member of the practitioner advisory council for Emerson, Manchester, New Hampshire, Schuler serves in a medical and scientific advisory role to Direct Laboratory Services, Natural Health International, American Academy of Functional Medicine, and the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists. Schuler is part of the core faculty at the School of Applied Clinical Nutrition of New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls, which offers accredited online masters degrees and prepares students for board certification in clinical nutrition.

Dr. Schuler is an active member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, American College of Nutrition, American Nutrition Association, National Association of Nutrition Professionals, American Academy of Integrative Medicine, Primal Docs, Paleo Physicians Network, and Ancestral Health Society.

In 2013, Schuler and coauthor Chris Oswald, DC, CNS, published When Nutrition Doesn’t Work: What Went Wrong and How to Find a New Doctor (Kindle). Additionally, Schuler writes for several dietary supplement industry publications including Emerson’s Clinical Research Update and is a medical writer for Integrative Therapeutics. He has been a TAP Integrative expert and routinely lectures to physicians and healthcare professionals as well as to lay audiences including his role as a professor for the online Academy of Optimal Living.

Schuler received his original clinical training at Northwestern Health Sciences University, Bloomington, Minnesota, where he completed a doctororate of chiropractic and an acupuncture certificate. He completed a master's degree in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport with elective training in botanical medicine. He became a certified nutrition specialist and licensed nutritionist by the Minnesota Board of Dietetics and Nutrition Practice. He is a graduate of Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice and Functional Medicine University. Prior to chiropractic college, he was a research chemist with a degree from Valparaiso University, Indiana.


  • Adjunct faculty, School of Applied Clinical Nutrition, New York Chiropractic College Clinic Director, Metabolic Treatment Center
  • Medical advisory board member of Integrative Therapeutics and Natural Health International
  • Director, National Association of Nutrition Professionals
  • Consultant, Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists