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Bret Scher


Dr. Bret Scher, The Low Carb Cardiologist, is a board certified cardiologist specializing in preventive cardiology. He received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University, his MD from The Ohio State University, completed his internal medicine residency at Scripps Mercy Hospital and his cardiology fellowship at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, CA.  As a practicing cardiologist for the past 15 years he has seen too many people needlessly suffer from preventable chronic diseases. He realizes there is not a one size fits all message, and the guidelines currently in place fail far too many people. That is why he is committed to helping his patients revolutionize their health with healthy lifestyles and individualized care.

  • Owner of Boundless Health, Inc and LowCarbCardiologist.com, providing individual cardiovascular and lifestyle consultations
  • Employed by DietDoctor.com to host their podcast and contribute content to their website
  • Book royalties from Your Best Health Ever