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Brandon Brock


Dr. Brandon Brock is a 1998 graduate of Parker University. He is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board and a Fellow of the American College of Functional Neurology, American Board of Vestibular Rehabilitation, American Board of Electrodiagnostic Specialties, and International College of Chiropractors. He also serves as the chair of the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Specialties. Dr. Brock is also a family nurse practitioner and currently works in family medicine and general neurology and enjoys rehabilitation, internal medicine, hormone replacement, wellness, and coaching people back to optimum wellness. He also serves as a Professor of Clinical Neurology with the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies and is a staff neurologist at Carrick Brain Centers in Dallas Texas. Dr. Brock is also adjunct faculty at Texas Woman’s University and serves as a clinical preceptor for Georgetown University, UT Arlington, and TWU. He serves as a clinical instructor for Apex Energetics and teaches laboratory analysis, thyroid pathologies, endocrinology, immunology, and neurochemistry.
Since graduating from chiropractic school, Dr. Brock has received the award for Neurology Educator of the Year four times from the American Chiropractic Association Council of Neurology and was also awarded the prestigious title of Most Outstanding Educator at the first and second annual Conference for Functional Neurology,which was attended by chiropractors, medical doctors, and PhDs who practice in the field of neurology. Dr. Brock’s blend of clinical and teaching experience, along with his ultidisciplinary educational background, creates a unique perspective on treatment options and optimal wellness for patients in today’s healthcare environment. Purpose, motivation, positivity, knowledge, organization,  charity, personal health, and experience are many ofthe things that he loves to see develop in his students, and he feels that these are imperative for professional success and personal happiness. His ultimate goal for patients is to restore health, diagnose difficult conditions and offer education so that patients understand why they are sick, what they need to get appropriate treatment and how they can help themselves not to be at optimum wellness.