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Grow your clinical expertise, learn from your peers, and improve your patient outcomes. Join this dynamic community of like-minded integrative professionals!


All healthcare professionals who are eligible for licensure or state certification in their field of study can join TAP Integrative. Additionally, all currently enrolled students in recognized and accredited healthcare professional programs can become student members of TAP Integrative. Only healthcare professionals are authorized to use TAP's online products and services. By signing up, you represent that you understand your membership will be terminated and not refunded if this representation is determined to be false. Membership will be verified once proof of licensure or certification is submitted and reviewed.


Membership in TAP Integrative offers several key benefits:
  • Full access to all current and archived content on TAP Integrative
  • Ability to download informative technical illustrations, patient education handouts, and key expert insights
  • Direct dialogue with TAP Experts
  • Exclusive ability to request free full-text articles for your personal use


We are currently unable to accept payment for new members. We apologize for this inconvenience. We do not want you to miss out on the valuable content TAP has to offer, so please register for a free membership to access TAP content in the meantime.
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