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To assist in finding your way around the site and understanding what TAP Integrative has to offer, we’ve gathered a list of frequently asked questions about the site, membership, benefits, and expert information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or inquiries.

Q: How does TAP Integrative benefit the integrative healthcare professional?

A: Healthcare professional members of TAP Integrative gain a multitude of benefits from TAP:

  • Learn from thought leaders and clinician experts
  • Save time by accessing clinical pragmatic information quickly and easily
  • Gain clinically relevant strategies to improve the health and well-being of patients
  • Access to cutting-edge, evidence-based, peer-reviewed, and trustworthy information that is presented in a clinically meaningful manner using a multimedia platform
  • Participate in active learning that drives clinical results
  • Receive practice tools that will facilitate growth of business
  • Become part of an international practitioner community united in their desire to embed and rely upon natural medicine
  • Expand understanding beyond "what do to" into "why and how to do"

Q: How are TAP experts selected?

A: TAP experts are selected based upon their recognized expertise as leaders in clinical integrative medicine. TAP expert have enriched their clinical practices with findings from their own vigorous investigation and inquiry into specific areas of interest. Furthermore, TAP experts are able to articulate their discoveries, theories, and techniques in a manner that benefits other clinicians. Many TAP experts have published papers and authored books within their area of expertise. Most TAP experts are known presenters and spokespersons. TAP experts are well regarded by peers.
The TAP executive director reviews the credentials and prior works of each potential expert. The focus for each expert is verified in an interview. Each selected expert is then scheduled into the TAP editorial calendar. All TAP experts are compensated for their participation. 

Q: What makes the content on TAP trustworthy and reliable?

A: All of the content found on TAP Integrative is original content. The majority of the content is based upon the experience and insight of our TAP Experts, with the remainder of the content generated by the TAP executive director and medical editorial board. All of the TAP expert content is written with the assistance of experienced medical and health writers. All content is peer-reviewed and fact-checked by the executive director or a member of the medical board and approved by the authoring TAP expert prior to publication. The content found on TAP Integrative is a unique blend of expert opinion and evidenced-based reviews.

Q: Are there continuing education credits available for TAP material?

A: TAP offers both naturopathic continuing education and category 1 continuing medical education and and general nurse education credits. Learn more.

Q: Does TAP offer any certifications?

A: Currently, there is no certification available through TAP Integrative. However, a certification process is in the works and is planned for 2015. This voluntary program will be a self-directed online program with embedded self-assessments. TAP Certificates of Completion in Integrative Practice and Perspectives will denote successful achievement.  There will be an additional cost for this certification program.

Q: Are there any in-person TAP conferences?

A: In-person TAP conferences are in the plans! Based upon member interest in featured protocols and TAP Experts, TAP Integrative conferences will feature these protocols. Our first conferences will be offered in 2016.

Q: Who can become a member of TAP?

All healthcare professionals who are eligible for licensure or state certification in their field of study can join TAP Integrative. Additionally, all currently enrolled students in recognized and accredited healthcare professional programs can become student members of TAP Integrative. Membership will be verified once proof of eligibility for licensure or certification is submitted and reviewed.

Q: Is the information presented by TAP linked to any commercial products?

A: In alignment with its educational purpose, TAP Integrative is a private, nonprofit organization, and its educational offerings are devoid of commercial bias. In continuation of its strategic focus on serving the needs of the growing integrative professional community, Integrative Therapeutics has provided the initial funding for TAP. As the sole founding corporate partner, Integrative Therapeutics has endorsed the importance of the independence of the Institute, while, by virtue of their sponsorship, welcomes the opportunity to support TAP’s mission and contribute to its ultimate success.

Q: What is the history of TAP Integrative?

A: The birth of TAP Integrative was the product of serendipity. In 2012, based upon their mission of supporting the integrative medical community in meaningful ways, Integrative Therapeutics® made a strategic decision to deepen their commitment to continuing education for healthcare practitioners. At the same time, based upon her deeply rooted passion for integrative medical education, Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO, made a determination to commit herself more fully to practitioner education.   As providence would have it, these two strategic paths intersected and their synergistic combination culminated in the launch of TAP Integrative. Dr. Alschuler, emboldened by the support of Integrative Therapeutics, was able to set in motion the “next best thing in integrative practitioner education”.  TAP became the home for a new vision for the future of integrative medical education. After more than 2 years of careful development, the TAP Integrative website launched in July 2014.

Q: Who do I contact for technical issues?

A: For all technical issues related to TAP Integrative website, please e-mail info@tapintegrative.org.

Q: I can’t remember my log in information. What do I do?

A:  You may reset your password by clicking the "forgotten password" link from the log-in page. Enter the e-mail address used during registration and click the "send password" button. You will receive an e-mail which will include a link to reset your password.