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About TAP

TAP Integrative is an online multimedia nonprofit educational resource for integrative healthcare professionals. The goal of TAP is to be a fresh, dynamic, time-saving and trusted go-to resource for integrative clinical practice. The mission of TAP Integrative is to advance the teaching, advocacy, and practice of integrative medicine.

Members of TAP Integrative will have unprecedented access to a robust multimedia platform of original content from featured TAP experts. All of the content provided on TAP Integrative is peer-reviewed to ensure consistency with the published research, and to make certain that the information is both comprehensive and succinct, as well as accessible and clinically relevant. The core litmus test of TAP Integrative is to deliver educational tools and information that generate clinical results and practice success. New clinical protocols and TAP experts are regularly added, increasing the depth of information available. For every protocol, there is a variety of original and peer-reviewed content including a video Q&A, expert commentaries with citations, audio abstracts, research reviews with clinical application discussions, informative technical illustrations and patient resources. Even more, TAP members have the ability to directly query each expert regarding their protocol. Additionally, TAP members enjoy an exclusive benefit – they can request free full text articles on demand.

TAP aspires to create an international community of practitioners at the leading edge of clinical expertise and inquiry of integrative healthcare. TAP Integrative launched in 2014 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational resource to Teach, Advocate, and Practice integrative medicine. Integrative Therapeutics(TM) is the founding sponsor and generously supports TAP Integrative this exciting new endeavor.